tisdag 5 april 2011

Day9 + laundry and Microcephaly

I spend my morning in bed eating breakfast and watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I did not want to get out. I was up rather late yesterday and going to be up late this night also. Love it. I do not know why I like it so much, but fuck that, I can do what I want.

So still trying to find work, am currently working at schools around where I live, but this week there has not been so much work to do. That sucks, when I don´t have anything to do, like work and such I tend to be more like a trapped animal. Just walking around or sitting by my computer and watching stupid things. It sucks. But am going to a meeting about communism today so that will be fun. Don´t know what will happen and such but I will enjoy it.

Also I watched the last episode of Californication yesterday and it was so freakin' awesome! Motherfuck that shit was good! Good as fuck! (fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fukc fufkckfufkcufkcufkucfkufckfucfkufukcf) You know what I mean.

Yeah, watch some replays of starcraft 2 learn about some strange disease, like Microcephaly or something equally cool! 

(Microcephaly Microcephaly Microcephaly, look it up! Scary shit! 


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  1. i refuse to look up your gross disease and hope to forget it's name as soon as this page closes lol..