tisdag 5 april 2011

So yeah, about earlier posts.

All I said was true. The girl I have a crush on. We have decided that we can not have a working relationship with the distance that we have between us right now. So we had a long conversation on skype, yeah wow real fun not  to be able to touch or feel that there is a person in the room that you are talking to, tonight about what we are going to do. After a while we have concluded that she does not like the intense time we have together when we meet. It´s  too much. I understand how she feels about it, it´s very on and off, first we are apart and then together all the day 24/7, it get´s to you. And I didn´t want to build a relationship where one of us is unhappy..I can´t. But now we are over, it took me awhile to get this in my head. Stoneface when we talked but now when I am writing this I get all the emotions at once. AND.IT.SUCKS.

Fuck it I know, fucking girls. Fucking feelings. I hate them! Making me feel a stone on my chest and hurt my stomach and make´s my throat clump up. FUCKING HATE IT!

We did have our break up like a month ago, that was really painful. I thought that I was going to be able to handle this a little easier, but I can´t and I don´t want to. So what if it hurts I don´t care about that I still remember the good stuff you know. I will be sad for a while but I know that that will pass. I will still have a crush  on her but I don´t think that I will be able to see her or talk to her for a while.


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