fredag 8 april 2011

Strange and hard and music and coffee and Starcraft 2 and and

I hate this, it´s really hard. Trying to get over someone when you still have a huge crush on her. Trying to keep her away from your daily thoughts and daily routine. Checking facebok, blogs, skype, phone, etc.
Thinking about quiting facebook just because I don´t want to see all that she does. I feel so stupid and so "movie-like". I really don´t want to be like that, I want to be able to move along so smooth and soft with just a little thought to this and yeah I don´t want to forget it all together but I don´t want it to be jammed in my head all the time.

Well, I will try and such.

Party tomorrow, gonna be fun. A friend of mine told me he could take me to another party if I promised to behave. :D  "Behave? I WILL DESTROY HER!" (almost my answer)

A little song to make you and me happy listen and eeeeeenjoy.


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