måndag 4 april 2011

Wow, no internet for 7 DAYS! (2 atleast)

So been internet "free" for 2 days. Feels like forever man! Not really, I was not even home for the most part.
Saw a band with some friends and took some beers and played Rock Band till 0330 on saturday, wich was awesome! It´s fun to see and hear how much people will sing when they hade a few too many. :)

We were the best band at the moment, noone could beat us at rock band that night. Suckers! We would have played real instruments if we hade any, and would have ruled the indie-scen. (but with punk and hardcore.)

Now I am installing a new OS on a router to get it to send me internet. The weather outside is to good to be outside in. I am gonna stay inside and mock the weather and install. Yay! Starcraft 2 night to night! Go protoss!


3 kommentarer:

  1. Enjoy starcraft 2 with no internet! lol hope you get it back soon

  2. Yeah, I got it to work with a direct cable to the wall-jack. So now I just have to get it to send the INTERNETZ to the router and then to all the other stuff. :