tisdag 12 april 2011

learning about it

Today I was learning more about communism. I already knew that I embrace their way of thinking and am all about the good of all men and women and so on, but I had not so much knowledge about some of the deeper stuff inside the communism and their party-program. Now I know and I still see this as the best politics and ways to live and be able to function in a society. I think that their way is the way that helps more people than those who just want to be rich and powerful and exploit countries for their natural resources. I think that people should read more about the communists and what they stand for before they shout out: "It´s  a nice thought but it will never work in reality." Well yeah, that because in todays society people only think about them self and what´s good for them and their family, I´m not saying that you should not look out and care for your family, people just don´t have the guts to stand up in todays society and make their voices heard. Because when workers come together and demand better workplaces and threaten to halt the production it hurts the people in charge, they just want to make profit and do not see to the safety and well being of the worker. They just think that they can hire anyone at low-rate and that they will work and that they don´t need comfort or a safe workplace. Just hire someone at a lower pay-check and see how their own profit skyrockets. We are seeing more and more how that works. In Sweden, construction-firms hire workers from Poland to work at a 6th of the pay a Swedish worker has, they live in shitty places and under time-pressure and often bunched up in small living quarters. At Stena-line between France and England they hired Philippine-workers at a rate at about 2 dollar/hour.

The world is sick, I am trying to do all I can do to help my fellow communist. We don´t want to do it all by our selfs, the people must rise up and take action against the profit hungry capitalist and imperialists that are destroying our societies and our world. At least start looking at your workplace and see what you can do to improve your situation for your self AND for your co-workers. 

From on by his abilities and for on by his needs.  

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  1. you don't need to be a communist to have some social responsibility. keep up the blog!

  2. yeah you don´t have to but It´s still a good alternative. :)