tisdag 26 april 2011


So on Wednesday I thought that I would get my pay on Thursday, because of the holiday. But noooooo...as a teacher I get my pay at the 27th of each month, the last month I got my pay at the 25th so I thought that I would get it at the 25th again but yeah then the 27th was on a Sunday so I thought that my payday was the 25th. GAH! Well, gonna get it tomorrow so no hurting here. :D

Love it. Gonna play Starcraft 2 today just for fun. Like every other day.

And now I have a competition between my beard and my hair on my head. I have shaved it off and am gonna let it grow and grow and grow! And maybe get a mustache and a soul patch. ;) WHO KNOWS!!?!

Later grown ups.

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