söndag 10 april 2011

English is hard.

Yeah, it´s hard to write something in a language that is not your own. But fuck that.

Yesterday I was invited to a party at a friends house, he was celebrating his birth. (birthday-party.)
It was a fun and I was getting a bit wasted. We decided to go out to town and hit up a few clubs. Yeah, great idea! (I thought)
When we exit the cab a friend of mine has already made his way to a place that we used to go to and he screams to us that we should come. I scream back: YEAH! LET´S GOOOO!! And start to run towards his...but I suddenly halt and feel a pain in my knee and about my dick. I have succeeded to run in to a small post of metal. The pain was to much for me to handle. I just froze and leaned against the post and took heavy breaths. Good damn. I stood there for about a minute or so and from no where 4 cops came up to me and started talking. They thought that I was so wasted that I could not move. But after I saw them and I had started talking to them I quickly got them to realize that I was not to drunk I just had a pain that was out of this world.

Sucks.  But hey, I did have a good time later that night.

And today, Sunday, we had our last soccer-match. We lost 2 - 5 so we did advance in the cup. Well, we always have outside soccer to look forward to. And  also, if I don´t get a job for the summer I am going to lear how to skate. I have tired of inlines and am gonna learn to use the skateboard. Will be fun, gonna hurt like a motherfucker but hey, I don´t care.


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  1. Wow, you really scared me for a moment when you said your knee and dick was in deep pain - thought you had twisted your knee and step on your dick! :)

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